Helping people thrive on Roblox and beyond

Building media and digital literacy skills to support healthy and positive experiences for all.

Caregiver and child engage with the device together.

Making connections that are healthy, positive, and respectful

Our mission is to connect a billion people with civility and optimism. 

We launched The Civility Initiative in 2019. Its mission is to empower people with the knowledge and tools to create positive experiences for themselves on Roblox, online in general, and in real life – to help all people thrive.

The Civility Initiative focuses on three pillars:



Roblox offers tools and resources that promote positive, healthy online interactions and provide people with the confidence to navigate challenging situations.



Roblox has a suite of civility and safety features to enable developers to build civility into their experiences from the outset.



Roblox partners with leading organizations to help promote a safer and more civil online future.

The latest on civility from Roblox

More than a Game: Exploring neurodivergent young people’s relationships with online games platforms

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Dedicated to building a safer and more civil online world

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A child and their caregivers smile and laugh together.

Civility Innovation Workshops: A safer and more civil online world

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Three young people sit together and talk at a skate park.

Into the Digital Future podcast Series in partnership with Sesame Workshop

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Our newest civility resources

Digital Well-being

Understanding Generative AI: A guide for parents

A resource for parents to better understand GenAI

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Digital Well-being

Understanding Generative AI: A guided activity for tweens/teens

A helpful guide and activity for teens to better understand GenAI

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Neurodiversity Support

Involving Parents & Caregivers in Your Online Life

If it sometimes feels like your parents don't understand your online life, maybe it's time to show them.

Neurodiversity Support

Staying Safe while Playing Games Online

You can take control of your safety and wellbeing in video games.

Neurodiversity Support

How to Report on Roblox

Reporting users and content when it breaks the rules helps protect others. Learn how.

Neurodiversity Support

Tips for Parents Around Safety in Online Games

Guidance for parents and caregivers of neurodivergent young people to keep them safe when playing online games

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Neurodiversity Support

Tips for Teens to Stay Safe in Online Games

A guide for neurodivergent teens about staying safe when playing games online

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Online Safety


Raising awareness to prevent and combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security