Helping families thrive on Roblox

Creating a safe, civil and welcoming platform is our top priority. We’ve created a range of tools and resources to help caregivers feel empowered supporting their family online. 

Two young people use a mobile device together with their caregiver.

Roblox is a space for all to enjoy – to create, play, learn, work, and socialize

We understand that different age groups need different support. We have created practical tools and advice to help families with children and teens to navigate their way safely as they spend more time online. You will find a guide to Roblox that will help you learn about Roblox, including practical advice on how to set parental controls.

Guides and resources to support your family

Parents & Caregivers

Parent & Caregiver Guide to Roblox

A guide to Roblox and its safety tools

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Neurodiversity Support

Tips for Parents Around Safety in Online Games

Guidance for parents and caregivers of neurodivergent young people to keep them safe when playing online games

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Parents & Caregivers

Parenting in the Digital Age: Young Kids

Six tips to empower parents of young kids with the skills to level up parenting skills for today’s world

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